Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The Vets

Last weekend I was, as you have doubtless read, in Dannevirke. I was playing in the Vets. This is the short title for the 23rd New Zealand Veterans' Championship - Central Region Event. It is played over three days: Friday for Handicap Doubles and Saturday and Sunday for Handicap and Championship Singles (played simoultaneously). They were played on the splendid lawns of the Rangatira Club in beautiful weather conditions.

In the Doubles I played with a lady from Fielding called Margaret Hewett whom I'd met at, and played against, at tournaments before but with whom I had never played. We won our section and then in the play-off between sections we were beaten into second place: a satisfying result.

I played in the Championship Singles because my handicap is 4 and it has to be 6 or more to play in the Handicap event. I had expected to be drubbed because there were some top players in the event including Tony Stephens who is a world-class player with a handicap of 0. He beat me 7:2 and 7:4 unsurprisingly. However the next most senior player on 1 was Don Reyland (who with his partner had won the Doubles and with whom I am very well acquainted). On the last game of Saturday I played him on the lawn next to the clubhouse when almost everyone else had fiinished and therefore was watching our match. After a long and hard match I won on the 13th hoop with an angled shot to the hoop from the line - about 9 yards. That was a very satisfying shot and match. Overall I came third at the end of the Tournament which was a result beyond my wildest dreams.

All in all it was a very satisfying weekened away with wonderful company, wonderful weather, and wonderful play.

Colleen and Tony Stephens - In the Shade of the Pepper Tree

Life's pretty good.


  1. I was quite worried when you first said you were going to the vets. I thought maybe you'd return with a high-pitched voice. Glad all went well and congratulations. Last time I came as high as third in a sporting event was - well, never!

  2. Handicap isn't very PC any more. Should it not be 'differently abled' ?