Tuesday, 9 December 2008

A Near Perfect Day

Yesterday was Monday. And it was a lovely day. I've said that before because I like to feel that every day is a lovely day. But, with apologies to Orwell, some days are more lovely than others. And yesterday was one of the more lovely ones.

I started off the day with the intention of proposing a non-busy day. The sun was shining. The washing went in at the crack of dawn. A lazy breakfast on the deck. Then some emails and transfer photos from camera, blog, iron (and watch StrictlyCome Dancing for the 22nd November which arrived on Friday), try and finish my Christmas cards, hoover the house, and generally footle around.

Wendy was coming down for morning coffee. No croquet. No petanque. Yes, the day was to be an Easy Day. No deadlines. No pressures. I am a very lucky person. Sometimes I wish I believed that there was a God to thank!

How did the day turn out?

It started as planned. Then Wendy came down for coffee. We got engrossed in our currently favourite topics of Stephen Hawking's Brief History of Time and Richard Dawkins' various propositions. We eventually dragged ourselves into the realisation of the need to achieve rather than just enjoy our conversation. So Wendy cut the grass round the agapanthus and other plants getting swamped in front of The Cottage whilst I hoovered and we both listened to music at full volume. More conversation over a long lunch and then off to pick up the children and have ice cream.

Off to town and shopping. I returned to a lovely garden rose on the table and then a wonderful Thai curry up at The House with the family. By this time any thoughts of more work were abandoned. Wendy suddenly discovered a apricot tree. It's odd what you can find hidden a few metres from the house when you have 5 acres of mixed tree and pasture and garden around the house. So we collected apricots. Or rather Fraser scaled the tree and dropped the apricots to David whilst Wendy harvested the reachable ones.

And Comet joined in

Then, as the dusk fell, the children went grass sledging down a bank.

Late to bed and then Wendy and I settled down to more chat and some wine as a hard-working Martin returned from a day as a dentist. I should add that Wendy does work too! She was having a day off.

Days don't come much better than yesterday.


  1. Why didn't you go sledging? BoF

  2. Fancy 'discovering' an Apricot tree. How wonderful.

  3. Why not, Scriptor? Columbus discovered America (allegedly). Less wonderful, I accept, but bigger.

  4. The real reason I didn't go sledging was because the climb up was too much and I was too tired. When it is a lovely sunny day and I'm there whne the children are I shall certainly give it a go. It looks great fun. A chairlift would be good though.