Sunday, 21 December 2008

An Evening in Waipawa

Perhaps 45 minutes South of Napier on State Highway 2 is the small town of Waipawa where they have a very accomplished Music and Drama Club.  I receeived a phone call a few days before their Christmas Caberet to say that one of their party couldn't go and would I like to go in her place.  I suppose that, for those used to these things, this was fairly ordinary.  But not for me. I was reminded of the first occasion that I went to see Joan play Elvira in Stornoway drama Club's performance of Blythe Spirit.  Until then I had shied away from amateur dramatics.  But that performance was so good that I became quite a follower of the Club's performances.  This Caberet has had a similar effect on me.  For example one singer sang Pie Jesu flawlessly reaching the highest notes without fault.  Impressive or what.

The event was held in the Waipawa's splendid Municipal Theatre and Town Hall and featured a splendid Christmas Fairy greeter: to whom Frank seemed to take a fancy!

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