Thursday, 11 December 2008

The Manawatu Gorge

Last weekend, as readers will know, I went to Palmerston North. Palmie as it is affectionately known is in the Wairarapa-Manawatu region and is on the other side of the central mountain ranges from Napier. To get to Palmie from Napier involves driving through the Manawatu Gorge - the only other route being the Saddle Road across the tops - a road frequently closed by the weather even in Spring. The Gorge is between the towns of Woodville and Palmie and between the Mountain Ranges of the Tararua to the South and Ruahine to the North.

Through the Gorge runs the main State Highway 50 and the main, and only, railway line between the North and South of the North Island. The passenger train which uses the line is known as The Overlander. I managed to get a photo as we came through the Gorge on the way home.

The Overlander

I think this is the landslip which closed the Gorge for several days recently

Railway line and one of the tunnels

Looking East

Looking West

7 kilometres of double yellows

Looking into the Gorge from the East side of the Ranges

A tunnel was removed from here recently

Aren't lorries little?

The Bridge over the Manawatu River to The Café Beyond The Bridge (behind me)


  1. Tunnel - definition - a hole made by an animal; a passageway through or under something. I want to know how you can take away a hole....

  2. You take away the something and the hole goes with it ergo the tunnel goes with it. Leastways that's my reasoning.

  3. As in, what are the things that you are left with in the punch when you punch holes in paper? Holes, of course.