Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A Morning Chat

Last night I blogged about friends and Wendy coming down for an evening chat and concluded that face to face chats really were Good Things.  This morning Wendy was going off to Mitre Ten Mega (our B & Q/Home Depot equivalent) at crack of dawn and dragged me away from my Christmas cards and so on to chum her and have some coffee.  When I got back I had to go off to Havelock North and by the time I got back and had lunch it was 1400 and I still hadn't written a card (good job I got the first lot posted yesterday).  Another crack at the cards this afternoon and then some other odds and ends.  I was just settling down to cook some meals in advance of my houseguest who is staying for the next week of the Golf Croquet Nationals when a frantic Wendy returned to watch the last episode of Downton Abbey's second series (the house renovation is at the stage when they can't get into the living room or their bedroom to see the TV).  I've specifically avoided watching any of the second series after I missed the start and decided I'd watch it all on DVD when I returned to the UK.  So I now know the end before I know any of the lead up to it.

It's little things like this that make me realise just how much I enjoy people just dropping in.  I should really be making this my Thankful Thursday post.


  1. I remember that feeling... From way back in a distant past when friends actually did that...

  2. Oh GB, I hate "droppers in" I much prefer to know when people are arriving...not so that I can tidy up, so that I'm dressed.

    I'm a slob!