Thursday, 15 December 2011

Mark's Blog

Some of my readers have noticed that there have been problems with Mark's Blog "Tales From and English Coffee Drinker" and comments that he has made on my Blog which keep disappearing.  SP and I have also been having problems as in Bloggers and Followers.

This morning I received the following email from Mark.
As you may have noticed from one of the recent comments from Fi on your blog about followers my blogger nightmare continues. It looks as if not only has the comment I posted on that post been removed, again but Google have disabled my entire account. This means all my blogs have gone and I can't access my gmail account either. I've completed the contact us form but goodness knows what I did to have my account suspended,

Hopefully it will get resolved soon but....
I"m beginning to get worried/paranoid.  I do keep a back-up of my blogs but......


  1. Sounds like a nightmare! My sympathies to Mark. And it reminds me I should update the back-up copies of my own blogs...

  2. I'm back! I've no idea what the problem actually was. About 20 hours after completing the form to ask for it to be reactivated I got the following e-mail from Google

    We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. The issue you
    described should now be resolved.

    My blogs, calendar, e-mail and Google+ profile all seem to be present and correct, so I'm going to breathe a large sigh of relief and go back some uptodate backups.

  3. Oh dear! That sounds more than just the glitch that keeps making blogs that I follow disappearing from my reading list, and my blog in turn disappearing from other people's lists.
    Why would they disable a whole blog and account without at least contacting the person before? Even IF there was a breach in their terms and conditions, at least give the person a chance to do something about it first!

  4. Today, Google Reader decided to chuck 347 posts at once into the list - certain bloggers have been excluded from my reading pleasure for quite a while and all the back posts arrived today - and Pauline, yours was one of them...
    I dont know why...
    I am not aware of any action removing them from subscriptions or requesting any changes - but yet another glitch :(

  5. I'm back although I do seem to be having problems leaving comments.