Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Blogger and Followers

I'm not sure what Blogger's up to these days but as I mantioned earlier SP and I were having difficulties following each other's posts and kept disappearing from each other's reading lists.  That seems to have been sorted.  Then yesterday Mark wondered whether I'd upset him and removed one of his comments from a post.  It was a perfectly innocuous comment, he's never upset me (how could he, he likes Marmite) but, nevertheless, despite me having the email to say he's commented the comment had disappeared.

Today I saw that I had an extra follower in that the number had increased by one.  However when I tried to find out who the new follower was I realised that, in fact, I was now followerless.  Come on Blogger, raise your game.


  1. erratic ability to comment on other blogs is in that issue too...

    I mainly read all my subscribed blogs in google reader or various apps in iphone/ipad, these days but I post heaps to Posterous which is easy - then that sends it to all the other places I want... including blogger. I just havent made the jump to only being posterous as I like blogger.... still prefer it to tumblr and wordpress, so will stick with them a bit longer.
    I still check out blogs directly to comment etc -always nice to see the layouts and all the work we put into the blogs!!!

  2. Yes Fiona. Trying to comment can sometimes be a real pain. I always try to remember to copy my comments before I send them because they have a tendency to disappear.

    Posterous looks complicated but it says it's very simple so.... I do like seeing blogs in their original layout though.

  3. I was about to say I don't have problems then I see I lost a comment on my own post....Ho Hum!

  4. I've not had much trouble with Blogger lately but I do with my own broadband. Just to let you know... (Using my mobile phone to write this.)

  5. As far as I can tell from some digging around most (but probably not all) the problems associated with followers seems to be down to the speed of your internet connection. It's nothing wrong with your blog as such but with the way certain script files needed by the followers gadget are downloaded. What this means is that on one blog it will behave sensible for one viewer but not for another. There are some more details in a post I wrote at the end of September. This allows includes a possible "fix" that at least seems to reduce the number of times the problems occurs.

    I've no idea what's happening with the comments though. That is just really weird and annoying.

  6. i am back because I got an email saying "Mark" had posted a comment - which was a good comment too - so I checked to see the links Mark was writing about and weirdly enough it says his blog has disappeared - despite the fact he has just linked back to it, so it is probably there - even though blogger doesn't think so...
    Got this:
    Blog has been removed
    Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.

    Fi :)

  7. and yes - I usually save comments too before risking their disappearance.

  8. When I saw Fi's comment here, I tried to get to Mark's blog from my reading list, but I get the same message.

  9. Yes. Mark's having problems! I've now done a new post on them.