Thursday, 1 December 2011

Banks - The Last Rant

I rang the Bank again this morning so that I could make the transfer. Firstly I spoke to Ricki.  I think that was her name.  She had the thickest Manchester/Lancashire accent I have ever heard.  I was brought up toasting 'The Queen, Duke of Lancaster' so I should have been able to understand.  But I couldn't.  Fortunately as she was the wrong bit of Telephone Banking she transferred me to Richard who transferred me to Bob.  All that involved holding on 'as a valued customer'!  After about 40 minutes had elapsed I had managed to arrange the transfer of the money.  It used to take me about 5 minutes but, well you know what Banks are like.  No wonder they want everything done on line.

However.  There is always a 'however'.  I had managed after all that waiting in queues when I was, of course, doing other things, to use my NZD account number instead of my GBP account.  Silly me.  I could hardly blame the Bank for that. 

So I rang again and got Micheal. He had a broad Irish accent so probably came from Liverpool.  He transferred me to Kirsty.  She was absolutely delightful.  So delightful in fact that I didn't even notice if she had an accent.  She has, I hope, managed to sort it.  I'm not sure though because 13 hours later the money still hasn't left my UK account.


  1. Why can't you just swap the money between accounts on line? Telephone banking sounds a nightmare.

  2. Wish I could Adrian. The B of S said I can and the ASB say I can't. The ASB win because when I try to the B of S site says I can't. I suppose it's to stop money laundering although the big boys can probably do it ok.

  3. From Nat West. I have a wee thingy like a pocket calculator. I have to go on line then enter details of any new account I want to set up for a transfer. Then poke my service card in it enter a pin and it coughs up a verification number. I then type in this number incorrectly and have to start over. Once the account is set up I can transfer money with a few clicks but there is a £10k limit per day.

  4. I can transfer money or pay people from ASB or BofS accounts without any problems provided that I'm not trying to transfer between my own accounts in different countries. I shall pop into the ASB here in NZ some time and see if they know why.