Monday, 21 March 2011

The Moon

The Full Moon: Saturday 19 March 2011 at 1940 NZ time taken with my Sony DSC-HX1 on 20x optical magnification (approx equivalent to 600 mm)

In the darkening sky, if you cast your eyes,
You will see the silver lady rise,
Bathing the world in a steely blue
Edged with a haunting, silver hue.
Higher and higher she rises with grace,
Shrouding the trees in a cloak of lace,
Sending her rays to the waters below,
Casting reflections in ripple and flow.
Oh, such a majesty gracing the sky,
Passing a twinkle to stars riding high,
Oh, what a magickal sight we purvey
From dusk, till the night gives in to day.
And so, she sinks in horizons west,
Content in the knowledge that we saw her best,
She'll return once again when the sky turns black,
And if you should whisper, she might whisper back.


  1. Another one saw it.........only yours is upside down. First upside down one I've seen but a good one.
    Well done.

  2. I am so utterly jealous! I can't take a good moon photo ever!
    That is just awesome!!!

  3. Great shot, GB. Lovely poem, too.

  4. I really like the world clocks you have on your blog page. I've looked to no avail for them on gadgets. Please, are they still available somewhere? If so, where?

  5. Scrappy Grams: I'm sorry but I can no longer find the widget/gadget for that clock either. I got it from the list of Gadgets when I installed it but it no longer appears to be there. I thought it was form World Time Server but I can't find it on their website either. I've spent quite a time trawling through the HTML of the blog but I can't identify it there either.

  6. I noticed the "shadows" on it are in different position compared to the one in your sidebar...

    I don't think we saw the moon here that night or else I wasn't looking. If it's visible I see it from the kitchen window when rising and later at night from the balcony. But I bet it's more impressive when the lights of the town are not there to compete.