Monday, 21 March 2011

A Mishmash of Thoughts

This morning in the car I heard some of Gounod's St Cecellia Mass.  I enjoyed the snippet enough to look it up when I arrived home this evening and put it on my Amazon wish list.  In the process I found some more sacred music that I'd not heard before.  I already have more music than I'm ever likely to be able to listen to before the end of my days but I find exploring new composers and new works is a wonderful experience.

Today's been a Good Day in almost every way.  I enjoyed the croquet.  I enjoyed the friends and acquaintances I met.  I arrived home at around 1830 and have spent the evening catching up with friends and family.  After Mike's visit and my provision of Kiwi hospitality I'm going on a diet.   That'll last until next Friday when I'm off to a friend's bach with the croquet crowd for the weekend!

As I walked down from The House after catching up with The Family the moon shone out of a clear sky and it was brilliant enough for me not to need a torch and for the sky to be almost denuded of stars by the amount of light emanating from the moon.  It was also remarkably warm.

When I got back to The Cottage the phone rang and I spent the next half hour on the phone to the UK either on the deck or in the living room with the ranch sliders wide open.  Until, that is, a friendly mosquito decided to buzz in my ear when the Raid was sprayed and I retreated to the study which had had the door closed.

Now it's after midnight and I'm about to go to bed.

Tomorrow I'll try and write something  interesting and perhaps even find a photo or two.


  1. May your nightly interlude be one of sweet dreams and peaceful rest!

  2. We actually stood outside for quite a while staring at that huge full moon. It was just perfect.

  3. Be another twenty years before the moon is as large again. Well as doesn't alter in size!'Spect you knew that.
    I was up half the night and saw nothing but a dim glow through the clouds.

  4. Well, Adrian, here in Indiana, there wasn't be a faint glow because the cloud cover was so thick. Very disappointing. GB, sounds like the perfect end to a perfect day.

  5. Glad you saw the moon in all its glory. I'm glad I saw it the night before as last night the sky was one dark mass of nothing. And this morning the heavy rain predicted has arrived.