Sunday, 19 April 2009

N Z Banking Catches Up

In many things New Zealand banks have been ahead of the world in customer services because, being a small, enclosed economy things like electronic point of sale were trialled here. Certainly my bank account doesn't even have a cheque facility and I pay everything electronically.

Debit cards have been in use in the UK for many years. They have the advantage that one can use them anywhere and for anything that Visa can be used. In New Zealand debit cards are new and the bank I use - ASB - only introduced them a few weeks ago. Until now I have paid using a non-chip cash card or a credit card. Now I have scrapped the credit card and have the freedom of a debit card. And, hey, you can use one of your own images on it. So mine will look like, you've guessed it, this.

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  1. I would be lost without my debit cards. The past six months has seen signs going up saying that businesses will no longer accept cheques.