Wednesday, 8 April 2009

A Beautiful Evening

Just before 6pm this evening Wendy wandered down with some mail for me and to have a chat before dinner. She brought down a small poesy of a rose and some lavender. I love flowers.

As it happened the Chili Bean Combo that I'd been making had just reached maturity and I also had a few portions of the pasta that the children enjoy and some of Aggie's Marmazoth left over and in the fridge. So when Martin arrived home everyone assembled to eat a hearty repast.

As there is no school tomorrow (Easter holidays) we all watched Sense and Sensibility: leastways everyone else did whilst I answered telephone calls.

So often the most enjoyable experiences are the unexpected and inpromptu ones.


  1. I LOVE yellow roses...absolutely. I also agree with the unexpected and impromptu experiences, the delights of day. I would tell my mother that she was predictably unpredictable because she'd not plan things...take each day as one day at a time. I find myself being predictably unpredictable often...I suppose I didn't realize it then, but the leaf didn't fall far from the tree :o).

    GB, when I saw this photo this morning, I pulled one of my boys in to see it with me because I liked it so well. It creates a warm smile within me...thank you for sharing it.

  2. I'm so glad you liked it Heather. It definitely made me feel good too and it's lovely to share good feelings.

  3. The best things in life ARE free!
    Smiles included.
    This is a sweet and lovely post...sent me back to some of those moments...I think I'll create some more!