Monday, 29 December 2008


The cost of petrol at the pumps has today dropped for the 22nd consecutive time.  The all-time high earlier this year was $2.20.  Today a litre of unleaded is $1.33.  In UK terms at the current tourist rate of exchange today's price is about 52p.  According to The AA the UK average price of petrol today is 88.2p per litre.  I'll wager that it's a lot higher than that in Stornoway.   

Given the lack of public transport in most of rural , and a good deal of urban, New Zealand it is not surprising that New Zealand has one of the highest per capita rates of car ownership in the world.  Car penetration in New Zealand ranks third in the world, with 82% of people owning a car.  The United States is ranked first with nine in 10 Americans claiming to own a car. Saudi Arabia is second with 86%.  Across the ditch in Australia 70% of people own a car.


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  2. In Engebrets its 98.9, the others 1p more