Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A Useful Momento

One of the most useful tools in my kitchen armoury in the UK is a utensil to hold an onion while you slice it.  When I was undergoing radiotherapy a few years ago I was part of a great group of people including Junior and his wife Marlene.  During a conversation one day the subject of onion chopping came up and I mentioned this wonderfully simple but effective gadget and also said that I'd been unable to find another one for my life in New Zealand.  So Marlene went on the hunt and found me one.  So every couple of days when I use it I think of that kindness and of Marlene and Junior.


  1. I have one of those. I think it was among the first basic household thingys I bought for myself. Since I never cooked much before I left home I suppose my mum probably had and used one as well (so that I saw it as an obvious thing to have); but I'm not sure. Anyway I agree it's useful. And if it comes with fond memories, even better! :)

  2. Yes, what a useful gadget!
    I might also pass along a trick we learned about chopping onions:
    do the chopping under the microwave with the fan more tears!

  3. Hi, GB, just read your post on CJ's comments and wanted to wish you and yours in New Zealand a very Happy Christmas.

    I also wanted to share a bit of my mother's philosophy about holiday decorations: she used what she called the gravity system. Remember that what goes up, must come down!

    Have a wonderful day and all the best,
    Canadian Chickadee and English Robin

  4. Monica: You are the first person, other than me, whom I have known has one.

    Lisa: I'd have problems with the microwave idea. Firstly if you open the microwave door everything switches off automatically. Secondly most microwave ovens I have seen in the UK and NZ have a turntable base. Thirdly I suspect that US microwaves are much larger than ours. Fourthly, and decisively for me here in NZ, is that mine is situated at eye level!

    Thank you Carol. That is much appreciated. I wish a very happy Christmas to you and yours too.

  5. My parents have one. I don't, since I do not use nowhere near as much onions in the kitchen as my mum and dad, who grow them in their garden.

  6. Fascinating object, looks a bit like a comb, or one of those things we used to comb nits out of the kids hair with. It would be so useful to have something like that to slice onions, and I'm going to look for one in the very nice kitchenware shop near my mum's.

  7. Onions hold no fear for me...but a garlic press would have to be my desert island luxury.

    I don't know how to cook unless I have an onion and garlic in my hand,