Friday, 9 December 2011

Up at 6am

I'm very happy getting up at 6am as a rule but if I happen to want to get up at 0800 .  So how is it when I have to get up at 6am I don't like it?  Is it some deep psychological desire not to be compelled to do something?   At the moment I'm playing in the Golf Croquet National Championship Doubles which are being held at 'my' club and the Te Mata Croquet Club 30 minutes drive from The Cottage.  Yesterday was the ideal day for playing: full sun out of a cloudless sky, warm and just a slight breeze.  Today has started off very cool with drizzle.  C'est la vie.  I also have a friend from Gisborne staying.  He's playing too.  It means early starts and long days.  

I'm only playing for two days out of the six and shall be helping set the lawns and hoops at our Club for the next four days.  That means being at the club at 7.15 am instead of 8.15 am.  And I do this for fun! 

Mind you the way things are going in the Doubles I'm not sure that I regard croquet as 'fun' at the moment.


  1. I think you hit the nail on the head there (about the psychology). (Have you got round to Three Men in a Boat yet? The beginning of chapter 11 explains it!)

    I was up unusually early this morning, probably because it was precisely the kind of morning made for just staying in bed half the day; with a ferocious rainstorm going on outside. Instead I got up and started baking.

  2. "Cool with drizzle" hey? Hmmm
    Sounds positively balmy weather. You should be back home here in Point. 90 mph winds, torrential rain, no electricity............

    Great to be on the Isle of Lewis now that winter is here! x

  3. Monica: You may be surprised to learn that I have started Three Men in a Boat but am only up to Chapter 8. I shall wait with bated breath.

    Yes, Pat, perhaps I should stay on Lewis for a winter to get a dose of reality.

  4. Graham, I'm listening to an audio recording of it for the umptieth time, and so as it happened I had that part fresh in mind when I read your post!