Thursday, 15 December 2011

Thankful Thursday: The School Prizegiving

Yesterday evening was the Puketapu School Prizegiving.  All the children from The Family are or have been pupils there.  I am privileged to have been to the Prizegiving each year since the youngest of The Family, Catriona, first went to the school on her fifth birthday in 2006.  This year the format was substantially the same but considerably shorter than last year.

The school's band entertained us before the 'formal' proceedings
Girls perform the Maori Poi
The first year Merit Awards (3 per Room)
My teachers never wore shoes like that!
The seniors demonstrate many modern dance types over the last decade (Fraser in the centre with green spectacles)
Aiding the Head Teacher in his speech
Fraser (penultimate offspring) receiving the cup for the most dedicated gymnast.  He's represented the school and performed in the NZ Nationals.

Frazer and his joint House captain receive the shield for the best House.

Senior top pupils about to leave giving their memories of their teachers over their times at the school

All in all it is a very different occasion from any Prizegiving that I ever experienced:  the air of formal recognition of achievement being combined with a wonderfully informal atmosphere (in which there are no school uniforms being worn) with lots of fun and performances.  

I've been very proud and very thankful for the privilege of being part of it over the last six years.


  1. Aagh memories, I was a pupil at Puketapu in 1960, and lived across the road where my cousin now lives. I can see in the photos the hill that we used to sled down, sometimes ending up on the road!

    Thanks for the photos GB.

  2. I was going to say I can't remember any prize giving ceremonies from my school days but then it struck me I have two books that I got as some sort of achievment-related rewards in school. Neither was for gymnastic dedication though, that much I'm sure of!

  3. I'm very annoyed with myself - I missed the girls prizegiving this year! They weren't bothered but I am! I think prize givings at country schools are so special!

  4. I miss these kinds of events! what fun to witness and show pride in children...
    speaking of those fancy shoes, wow I always wore basic comfy, granny-looking shoes.

  5. Hey GB, you've gone from my reader again.

    I've learnt now that when you go quiet I need to nip over to see what I've missed and have a catch up.


  6. Wish I'd been there. SP

  7. I missed this. It is wonderful but where are the blacks, khakis, darkishes. Also noticed only one wee lass with specs. Perfect eyesight out there or no opticians? We were all given glasses in junior school, we all had jabs for this and that with blunt needles. It's like looking at half the old times. It is Magical. Ta.

  8. A Craft, the school has altered lots even since I've been in and out of it over the last seven years so it will be a vastly different place from the '60s. As, of course, is most of New Zealand.

    No Monica the only athletic thing I ever did successfully was the 100 yard sprint.

    Yes, Pauline, they are aren't they. They are such relaxed affairs and the children genuinely enjoy them so much.

    Norma. Most teachers did didn't they. Most still do!

    SP. You are still appearing in mine. I just hope that I'm suddenly not about to disappear like Mark did after his comments started disappearing. I'm sure you'd have enjoyed the evening.

    The school is in an affluent area Adrian and I'm afraid that says a great deal in this small part of NZ. Any children who need sight correction will definitely have it attended to. I suspect many who do and who do not wear glasses have contact lenses.