Monday, 26 December 2011

The Swimming Pool: Inauguration

By later in the afternoon on Christmas Day it was decided that the water was clear enough and all the correct pH and chlorine etc boxes had been ticked so the children were let loose.  First in was Catriona who had been dangling on the edge all day.

Catriona - the true Water Baby - first in to the new pool
After that it was a free for all for several hours.  I have to admit that although the children said that it was warm (and it felt warm when I put my toes in) I chickened out and availed myself of the spa (usually called a hot tub here) instead.  I'll go into the pool when the surrounds are all finished - or the weather heats up too much, whichever comes first.

Martin takes the plunge
That's the no jumping, no diving and no mucking about rules broken in the first few minutes (the last one was never a starter anyway!).
The spa/hot tub - bliss.


  1. WooHoo! I love it! You all will have sooo much fun in there!

    What a perfect family pool! So happy for all of you.

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  3. Great! Images so easy to relate to. Thanks for the dip! I'm much cooler now!