Monday, 12 December 2011

Living gets in the way of Life

For the last three days I have risen early and planned to spend at least a reasonable amount of time in Blogland both posting and reading.  However it's not worked out like that at all and here I am at 4pm on the third day and, apart from a few short posts and reads I've been absent.  I've got lots of things done,  fed lots of people, been (I hope) a good host to my visitor and enjoyed those days but my 'other life' has suffered as a consequence.  I'm not ignoring anyone.  I'll be back.  

In the meantime every time I get an email from my old friend David aka Marcel I read his footnote which is a quote from Spike Milligan "We don't have a plan so nothing can go wrong!".  Of course you can then get sidetracked by the hundreds of funny Spike Milligan quotes.  After that the world of quotes is your oyster and the day could pass without you even noticing.  So I plan.  Which guarantees that things go 'wrong'.  C'est la vie.  Ce qui doit ĂȘtre meilleur que l'alternative.


  1. I tend to find that Life gets in the way of living.
    I should get out more but how? I'm always out.

  2. I know all about losing myself in the world of quotes! Recently I lost myself in one saying "Lost time is never found again". However, I came to the conclusion that spending time is not necessarily the same as losing it!

  3. I think that we're all in that place, lately...and still, though we're apart in blogland - you're on my mind throughout the day, for something that may remind me of you and other friends.

    I like Monica's thoughts....they're fitting to me.