Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The Dangers of Vegetarianism in France

Many years ago when my vehemently vegetarian surrogate step-daughter was about 9 her non-meat-eating Mum and I were talking about being a vegetarian in France where I had just been.

Some years later when her Mum and I decided to go to Paris, SSD was very distressed.  We hadn't been away without her much but when we had, had not had any problems and despite her assurances that she didn't mind us going away we couldn't get to the bottom of her distress.  Until...  Until she said that she was afraid for us.  It then took more coaxing before she told us that they ate vegetarians in France.   They did what?   And then I remembered.  When her Mum and I had had that conversation those years ago I had made the comment that it was difficult being a veggie in France and that they ate vegetarians.

I should have known better because when I was young my Uncle Eric made the comment that he would never teach anyone to drive again because when he'd taught X to drive she'd lost her head.  As a toddler I worried about this headless lady for ages. 

Lesson 1: Be careful about making throw-away comments in front of children.

Lesson 2: If you are a committed vegetarian there are easier places to live than France if you dine out a lot.

PS I had a feeling that I'd already told that story but assuming that it had been in Eagleton Notes I didn't check this blog.  So many of you (but not SP who made me think of it) will already have heard it.  It's come to something when even my Blogland friends are hearing my stories more than once.


  1. D'you know what GB, they've only recently banned being a vegetarian in schools etc.

    Vegetarianism isn't allowed...it doesn't exist.

    You couldn't make it up!


  2. They've WHAT? Surely you can not be serious!!

  3. I'm getting the feeling I've known you a long time ;) ... ♥

  4. I've read this before too. I like that I 'know' you so well, you're repeating yourself... :-)

  5. Great story, GB. Loved the pictures of your Christmas Day bbq and pool christening. What a great way to spend the day!

    Happy Boxing Day!