Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas Day

Well what a great day it was - in so many ways. Perfect weather, a typical Kiwi holiday day with the family with lots of food starting with almond croissants with farm-cured bacon and farm-made sausages with plenty of coffee and bucks fizz. Lunch was a BBQ of course. Supper was glazed ham with lots of left-over salads etc from lunch followed by pavlovas, brandy baskets and trifle home-made by Wendy's Mum. Of course there was present opening and games and the children had their inaugural swims in the swimming pool. The cares of the world seemed so very far away. 

The deck - the alterations are almost complete ready for Christmas and the new year
Ready for The Opening
A bemused Misty - her fourth Christmas!
After The Opening
Martin doing the Kiwi Man thing
One of the pavlovas!
A moment of quiet reflection after lunch


  1. Idyllic day with sun, pavs, barbies, and people... love Xmas in NZ!

    Pool and deck look awesome - not so sure about the fishing in the pool! Hope he didn't catch anything....

    Glad you had a lovely day... and thanks for comments on my blog :) Having a lazy Boxing Day - and the op went well but knee having to learn it is meant to be straight, so a work in progress. No crutches or sticks though so definite progress.

  2. It looks smashing...especially the pavlova!

    Do you ever miss a British cold Christmas?


  3. Looks like another great Kiwi Christmas for you and yours!