Friday, 23 December 2011

Christchurch Hit Again

Within the last hour or so Christchurch has been hit by two more severe earthquakes.  Ironically I saw the information on the BBC and then got an Facebook message from Fiona in Christchurch.  There do not appear to be any serious casualties but the physical, psychological and financial damage to the City and its people must be horrendous.   Fiona said "Armageddon has come back".  I feel sick for the people who have suffered so much in the last year.


  1. They are in my thoughts. Good luck to them all.

  2. How horrible. I'm so sorry for all more closely concerned by this situation. This is the first I hear about it; I did not listen to any news this morning so don't know what might have been said about it here.

  3. It's heart wrenching to hear of :(

  4. Terrible for them it must be indeed. I am very sorry to hear that and hope it will stay at the low casualties count. Things can always be replaced, people can't.

  5. I couldn't believe it when I heard it on the news, as if they haven't suffered enough.

    It makes me feel wretched for them.


  6. So sorry to hear about the earthquake in Christchurch. Here in Seattle, we live on the edge of the ring of fire too, though (knock on wood) we haven't had a major quake in quite awhile. Which I suppose means we're about due for another one.

    I really sympathise with you in New Zealand -- there are few things scarier than not being able to trust the ground on which you stand. I do hope there won't be any more aftershocks or quakes for awhile.

    The Kiwis deserve some peace and quiet.

    Take care and God bless, Carol

  7. are you here in NZ or in UK?

    I have a friend and fam in Chch. I was wondering, what is Bob Parker doing in Taupo?

  8. It was a bad day but it could have been so much worse. There was no loss of life and no serious physical injuries. I'm sure there were a lot of very frayed nerves as the large aftershocks continued through the night.

    Ann: I'm in NZ. Bob Parker was having a very well-earned holiday in Taupo (I'm speculating that he may have been spending Christmas there - with relatives?). He went back to Christchurch immediately.