Thursday, 17 March 2011

Thankful Thursday

I was woken at 2am this morning by a phone call from the UK.  Phone calls in the middle of the night rarely bring good news and this was no exception.  The call was from the friend whom I've mentioned before who, in January, was given three months to live.  He was alone.  Needless to say I didn't sleep much after that.

I had to be out at 7.45 for the tournament that's on this week in which we (Mike from Gisborne who's staying with me, and I are playing) so this morning I had no time for the Thankful Thursday posting and this evening it was nearly 9pm by the time we finished dinner.

Looking back on the day I could have been very thankful for nearly 8 hours play on the lawns in the beautiful warm sun.  Even more so because I won all my games.  But somehow I hadn't got the heart after the way I felt this morning.  My good feelings seemed outweighed by the personal tragedy on the other side of the world.

To be honest the horrors of Japan and the Middle East are so awful they don't even enter into the equation because they are not personal enough any more.  Christchurch is closer to home but even that isn't personal enough although after reading Fiona's latest post Frustrations and Changes - Looking for Silver Linings I did rather selfishly thing thankful thoughts that I wasn't there.

So I almost didn't do a Thankful Thursday.

Then a wonderful thing happened.  I looked at the blog postings today and Jaz, who started Thankful Thursday, had posted.  And suddenly I felt thankful; really, truly, wonderfully thankful.

If you can read her Thankful Thursday and not be moved then you are made of harder stuff than I am.


  1. I'm saving going to Jaz's sight for later because I've been crying a lot with all that's happening. I will go back later, but I have to have a positive attitude and energy to get in my walk to fend off pain because of fibromyalgia. It's Thursday here, so I am thankful that exercise does alleviate my pain. So from Indiana, I wish you happy St. Pat's day!

  2. Sometimes crying or smiling with one friend at a time is really all we can manage, and that in itself may be worth more than we realize. You have a big heart Graham and your friends know it. ♥

  3. What a wonderful friend you are, GB! Truly. You are an awesome reminder that there are always things to be thankful for, if we just look around us.

  4. How lovely to be thankful for someone else's thankfulness!