Thursday, 3 March 2011

Thankful Thursday

I'm sitting on the deck of a friend's holiday home at Mount Maunganui  listening to the waves along the Marine Parade after a day playing croquet.   It's coming on for 11pm.  The weather today was warm and sunny and, frankly, pretty idyllic.   Yesterday I walked along the beach for an hour as it went dark.  The water was lovely and warm.  Tonight I did the same.  Wonderful.

Before I came away the weather forecast was for 4 days of rain and showers and so far we've been lucky and the playing conditions have been perfect.

My knee that will soon need replacing is giving me trouble but I am conscious that it is a minor inconvenience in my life compared with the trials and tribulations and injuries suffered both mental and physical by many Christchurch residents.
I am thankful for the luxury of good weather and companionship and for the fact that my injuries are so small and insignificant compared with those of so many people.

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  1. Walking along a beach sounds lovely... Here they keep promising sunshine and milder weather but that seems to get postponed one day at a time. I guess the sun decided to stay in the southern hemisphere! Hope the tournament is going well for you.