Monday, 7 March 2011

Small Skies

It's Monday night and I'm back home.  I've been staying at the holiday house (small sort of place that sleeps 19 - more if you put up some camp beds!) of croquet friends.  Of course I was with The Girls (Jayne, Colleen and Sandra) who take me away with them when they go off to tournaments.  Well, actually, on this occasion I drove them.  The house is in Mount Maunganui just off the seafront.  It was the perfect retreat for three generations of a family.  Yesterday morning I stood on the first floor balcony and looked out.  What struck me was the fact that I couldn't see the sky.  I'm used to skies.  But I'm also used to electricity.  In this case I think I'll forego the sky and make do with the electricity cables and poles.


  1. Makes me realize how much of our electricity must be underground these days. I'm sure there were a lot more of these about back in my youth. Nice silhouette photo.

  2. I hate it when power lines get in the way of my shots, never dawned on me to make a feature of them! They are quite lovely in the early morning light.