Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Misty and The Mysterious Piece of Driftwood

I brought a piece of driftwood back from Mahanga Beach.  Misty came down with Catriona yesterday evening.
Hello.  What's this then?
Come on say something!
I wonder if it bites.
Let's have a sniff.
Oh, it seems to be ok.  What's next?


  1. *smile* I wonder if it still smelled like the sea to a sensitive dog nose? Now what's the story behind the bird? Not originally attached to the piece of driftwood, I suspect?

  2. I thought cats were the curious critters. :) Misty is cute! I like your shots of her progression towards the driftwood.

  3. So many times Wilson would finally see something that had been around for ever, but his first time seeing it. This made me laugh! Reminded me of how funny Willy was with things like that!