Wednesday, 30 March 2011

In Northland

Well surprises never cease.  Here I am in Northland and I have a signal on my T-Stick.  Well I sort of have a signal.  It comes and goes.  But any signal at all is welcome because there never used to be a signal where I am staying and the satelite wi-fi here is not working either.  Another six days without internet would be a bit too much with which to cope.

I've already had enough computer issues for one day.  When I was backing up this morning (Eve - remember the Macbook's name? - automatically backs up every day) the hard drive I bought last year decided to throw a wobbly and started clicking.  This probably means that the heads are hitting the drive stops which would be the click of death.  So when I arrived in Whangarei I immediately bought another external 1Tb hard drive which is completing the back-up as I type this. 

So hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to post something a little more exciting.   Night night.


  1. Good to know you might be at least occasionally connected to the rest of the world...

  2. pleased to hear you back up... been essential for me coping post quake. Amused how many people obviously don't and could not function until they got computers off their sites. It occurs to me sitting here that I have every hard drive and computer in the house now - just some basic work saved elsewhere. Hmm - a fire risk....