Friday, 4 March 2011

An Apple Called Eve

MacBook Pro
Some while ago I bought an Apple MacBook Pro.  I was converted to Apple.  There are disadvantages to owning an Apple but there are also many (and overwhelming) advantages if you can afford one.    Anyway my laptop was sitting on the table this evening when Jayne commented to Coleen about Samantha (my Notebook) who seemed to have been deserted for the new machine.  Unfortunately that's quite true.  So Jayne asked the name of the addition to the family.  I replied that she didn't have a name as yet (6 months or so down the line).  Given that it's an Apple, Jayne immediately came up with the name Eve.  It's not a name I would have chosen for the laptop.  It's not a name that evokes  any feelings in me.  But I can't keep on calling it nothing for ever.  It's not in my nature.   So Eve it is.


  1. I have a macbook pro now too - loving it... hadn't thought of naming her... but I do kiss her occasionally lol

  2. About time! Seems an appropriate name, considering you also have a habit of keeping her up late in the evenings ;)

    My Bella (not a Mac but a Packard Bell) says hello and 'vive la femme'!

  3. I didn't know the custom was naming our laptops! :D Mine isn't an Apple; it's an Asus. So do I still name her? Of course, it has to be a feminine name! What about Alice?

  4. My laptops have been renamed several time over the years.
    In the interest of decency I will refrain from further illumination.