Sunday, 28 February 2010

News Update

The best news is that CJ/Scriptor is doing better and was well enough to send his love a while ago.

At the Golf Croquet Nationals Zoe and I missed being second in our group by 1 hoop but ened up in the top four and are playing in the semi finals today.  Whatever it will be an interesting day.  I am so proud of Zoe.  She was an 11 at the Nationals last year and now she is a 5.


  1. Glad to year your news about CJ; and good luck to you in the semi finals! ♥

  2. Happy croqueting to you and to Zoe ♥

  3. Hope you are having a great day, with lots of good luck. Although I know it's not down to luck!

  4. Great news about CJ. Everything else pales to insignificance.

  5. Such a small world - welcome to Christchurch.
    One of my current students needed time off to compete in this too- Duncan Dixon... see he battled well. WIll catch him this week to comment ;)
    good luck for the semis!