Friday, 19 February 2010

The Great Adventure: Day Four: Russell - Christ Church

One of the most fascinating churches I have encountered - and there are many in New Zealand - is Christ Church in Russell.  The church is the oldest church still used as such in NZ today, and possibly the oldest building still used for its original purpose.  Its history is fascinating.




Another example of a tiny place 'donating' its souls to the defence of a far away land - although there could, of cours, have been repercussions for New Zealand, particularly in the Second World War from Japan

The whole church has individually worked seat cushions.  Interestingly when I regularly worshipped in churches in communion with the Church of England or the Roman Catholic church members of the congregation sat on hard pews and kneeled for prayer and these would have been kneelers.


  1. A beautiful church, and I'm fascinated by those cushions all being different.

  2. That first picture is fantastic. Does everyone make their own cushion? Or is there a church lady cushion-making society?

  3. Always loved visiting it when we went up from Whangarei -

  4. You got some great photos there, GB! Silly that neither of us got a single shot of the bullet holes in the side of the church! I loved those embroidered cushions and, like Rae, wondered who did the needle work.