Wednesday, 30 December 2009

One of Those Days

On the whole most of my days are Good days but occasionally I have 'one of Those Days' which could have been slightly better.  What surprises me is just how unphased I seem to get by Things these days.  Today, for example, had its moments.

Firstly it's been a wonderful, hot day with a really good breeze this morning.  I've caught up on quite a few blogs. I went to town.  I cancelled Sky TV and got a Freeview box and installed it - in reverse order, I'm not sure why I didn't write it the other way round.

On the way into town an Aussie lad in his step-mother's car drove into the back of The Handbag. He did no damage to The Handbag but hundreds of dollars worth to her car. I almost felt sorry for him. Mind you I did have the advantage of modern technology when I stopped (a woman stepped onto a crossing rather unexpectedly). He was a good way behind but the skid marks were three or four times the length of his (large) car so heaven knows what speed he was doing. Glad Game: he didn't have an airbag. Replacing it would have been greater than the value of her car!

Then I left my car keys in the lock of the boot of the car and went off into town. A kind chap took them into the nearby police station.  The constable left a message on my phone. Fortunately I went into the Police Station first so no-one had to bring the spare keys out to me.  Glad Game:  well, what's not to be glad about that one.  The kindness of people is all about us.

And last night I sat on the deck on the 'phone from sundown until the moon lit the land:

And then I went up to The House and I looked at the moon through Martin's telescope.  I love the moon.


  1. An awesome photo! How many dreams surround that moon? Bizzillions, I'm sure.
    I often wonder what it would be like to have several of them around, instead of just one. Weird, but kind of cool.

  2. GB, Thank you for you kind and supportive comment on my "remaining true" post. :)

    You made my day, even though the issue I was writing about happened a while back. :) Thank you.

    I reposted that post for my roast with Eddie Bluelights. :)

    I love your photo of the moon - and I am glad you got your keys back! :)

  3. Excellent use of sun-lounger! (I can barely make out the contours of it in that photo, but I suppose that's what you were sitting in) :D Glad there was no damage to your car and that you got the keys back.

    Wishing you ♥Happy New Year♥ with an Irish blessing I happened to come across:

    “May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night and a smooth road all the way to your door.”