Thursday, 23 April 2009

What a Day

I have been quite overwhelmed today by the kind thoughts of people. I went to croquet this morning and was presented with a most heart warming 'presentation':

Then I went to the Te Mata Club where there is a Tournament in which some of the Marewa Club Members are playing. My partner from the Rose Gardens tournament, Zoe, (who will be my doubles partner next year) is playing with New Zealand's top ranking golf croquet player. I had decided I couldn't play in the tournament because of the closeness of my impending departure. I was again very moved by the wishes for a safe return.

This evening I went out to dinner at a friends' house. More wishes.

I'm beginning to wonder if I'll last until Sunday afternoon without some serious tears appearing.


  1. how lovely
    it must be hard splitting your life in to 2?

  2. My Mum does something similar. She spends six months in New Zealand and the other six months in Australia. A bit like having two homes she says, you enjoy it more once you get it out of your head that you'er on holiday - just treat both places as home. Now my only problem is to find another six months in the year to get her to come over to Nottingham and make it her third home.


    ps: it must be the time to leave Kiwiland as she leaves for Aussie on the 6th.