Sunday, 5 April 2009

Tutus on Tour

My Birthday pressie from Wendy and Martin was a visit to the Ballet. It was tonight at the Hawkes Bay Opera House in Hastings. Wendy drove and we met a friend there. I had not been in the building before. I can truthfully say that I have never enjoyed a ballet performance more than this one (and I've seen a few in my time). The emotions and interpretation of the music was absolutely breathtaking. I could have openly wept during the representation of Arvo Pärt's Spiegel im Spieiel. The fun, enthusiasm and electricity between the dancers was a joy to behold. What an absolutely fabulous present.


  1. Ikay..when is your birthday? I thought that it was in June...for some reason.

    Sounds like a wonderful "pressie" :o)

  2. You are correct. My Birthday is on 4th June. However I shall be in Scotland then so I was given my pressie early. I've had a night's sleep since the performance and I'm still blown away by the emotions it evoked.

  3. Looking at that photo I want to know how they do that with their legs????