Wednesday, 1 April 2009

There's a New World Opened Here This Month

We have an abundance of large supermarkets in the area and can shop from 0600 until midnight in many of them. The suburb of Taradale used to have a moderately sized New World supermarket. A few weeks ago that closed and was replaced by a new one about a kilometre away. This is probably my nearest supermarket. It is certainly my favourite. It is light and airy, well laid out and just an overall pleasant place to shop. It also has a lovely coffee shop in the huge bay window. It is very tempting after a shop to stop for an extra 10 minutes with a coffee and a crossword.

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  1. People might find this hard to believe but such is my affection for my brother that I even enjoy going round supermarkets with him! Unfortunately this is a bit too far away for me to join him today!