Saturday, 11 April 2009

The Scariness of Trees

Ever since I can remember I have been scared of forests. I can now cope with deciduous forests but it would take courage that I don't possess to get me to walk through a closely packed coniferous forest on my own and through any coniferous forst at night. The journey between The Cottage and The House involves negotiating a tree-lined drive. When The Cottage was built in 2007 and I came to live here (previously I lived on the outskirts of Napier) the journey at night was a trial for me and I only negotiated it with the help of outside floodlights on the House and Cottage and a torch (which could light up the whole of Napier). Tonight as I wandered down in the brilliant moonlight (without a torch and no floodlights) it ocurred to me that apart from the dangers of tripping over an unseen hazard or missimg my step I was no longer concerned about the darkness and the trees. After all these years......


  1. That's good news. Perhaps one day I'll not be scared of water!

  2. The fear of trees is a deeply primordial one, Sir.

  3. That is very good news indeed. I admire your courage! (What can I say, I am a wimp...)