Tuesday, 28 April 2009

San Francisco to Glasgow to Stornoway

I’m actually writing this in Glasgow although it will not get posted until I arrive in Stornoway and I have settled into my Eagleton home. I can’t receive the wireless signal in the departure lounge for the Islands flights which is tucked away.

My flight from San Francisco to London was booked through Air New Zealand but they had put me onto their code-share partner Virgin Atlantic. These pictures of the inflight display in the screen in front of me were taken on my phone so are not of good quality. In any case neither the quality of the screens on the Virgin plane nor the quality of their display of inflight information and maps was a patch on the Air NZ ones. The display does show, however, that our flight path was, as I had anticipated, to the North of my United States readers.

When we arrived in London Air New Zealand hadn’t unlocked my London to Glasgow e-ticket which was with another code-share partner, British Midland. A couple of years ago I waited 1 hr 20 mins for it to be sorted. Today I waited about the same. I definitely feel a complaint coming on. Waiting at an airline desk after travelling half way around the world is not fun.

Then British Midland failed to deliver my croquet mallet to Glasgow. Ah well. It'll probably be delivered to the house in the next day or so and I won't have had to have paid for it on FlyBe from Glasgow to Stornoway.

I was pretty tired by the time I got onto the Stornoway flight. I do love flying above the clouds and although this was not particularly spectacular it nevertheless was beautiful. Even more would it be so if you hadn't experienced it. So especially for Heather I took the following with my phone (in flight mode I hasten to add!):

It's a long way from Rotowhenua Road to Eagleton!


  1. Thank you, GB ♥

    It looks heavenly out there, beyond the window...doesn't it?

  2. Absolutely heavenly!