Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The Paper Mulberry: Revisited

In February I blogged about one of my favourite eateries: The Paper Mulberry at Te Aute near Otane on State Highway 2 on the Napier side of Waipawa.

I went to Woodmallets in Otane today to have an adjustment made to the handle of my croquet mallet so I called in for lunch on the way there and coffee on the way back.

One of the lovely things about the place (which was absolutely packed for lunch) is that you are not a number. For lunch my table marker was a frog and for coffee it was a little spotted pig. I like that touch.


  1. That is a very cute way of marking tables. Maybe it should be used elsewhere, numbers can be so confusing at times!

  2. It's touches like that which make me go back to hotels/restaurants -- although Rufus is still my favourites, so much so that we brought one home

  3. GB;
    I want to have a life where I go in to town to have an adjustment made on my croquet mallet.
    Where do I apply?

  4. Cynthia, wen you find out, could you get two application forms, please.

  5. Twice in one day. Love it! And yes, I too would rather be a Frog or a little spotted pig, rather than another number! I wonder if they have "special" customers they give the cows too???

  6. Brilliant! I do like individualism.

    (My word verification is metiocis - sounds like I have discovered the name of my mystery illness!)