Saturday, 25 April 2009

One More Sleep

Today is Saturday. All of a sudden the reality has hit me. So today I shall:

Sort out my possessions and dispose of those I don't need any more. How many clothes have I not worn during the last 6 months?

Pack up my thing in The Cupboard

Clean The Cottage

Go and play croquet this afternoon (there are no sports on the morning of Anzac Day) providing the weather holds. The forecast is not good but the sun has started shining so....

Go out to a Thai Restaurant for dinner with The Family.

Come home and think about life, the universe and everything (or go to bed which is the more likely option!).

Oh. I forgot. Whilst I'm doing all these things I shall be blogging and doing all the other things that will hopefully distract me from the other tasks.

All in all it could be a Good Day.


  1. Will you be posting on this blog when you get here or another, don't want to loose touch.


  2. So this is the end of your Hebridean in N.Z. Blog for another six months.

    We look forward to returning to Eagleton Notes but best of all we look forward to you returning to us for another six months..

    Safe journey Graham - see you in Stornoway Airport on Monday.

    LOL P.x

  3. Rather a bittersweet day, then? I wish you peace and joy in all that you do!

  4. Hi Margaret. When I'm in the UK I use Eagleton Notes ( or click on the link in this blog. There will be more photos of your homeland when I return in 6 months.

    Hi Spesh. I am so glad you'll be there at the airport. Unlike F I could not bear to come back to an empty airport.

  5. Thank you Cynthia. I was just typing as you were posting!

  6. Bon voyage mon brave, et bon courage.

  7. And a perfect was, huh?

    ♥ in big supply, to you.