Monday, 20 April 2009

Chocolate and Laura Brannigan

It must be Cynthia to blame. It is several hours ago and as my memory doesn't go that far back I can't recall why I went over to visit her blog. It was probably something to do with seeing the title of the posting Warning!! Chocolate Addict Lives Here. Anyway when I made my coffee this morning I decided to have a piece of chocolate with it. As a recovered chocoholic I do allow myself the occasional treat. As I was raiding the fridge I realised how much chocolate would be left for 'The family' when I return to the other half of my life in Scotland in six sleeps. And I still wasn't tempted to have more than one piece. I really must be cured.

This morning is so untypical. It's started to rain. I'm eating chocolate. And Laura Brannigan is belting out of the speakers instead of my usual morning quiet Mozart or Satie or whoever happens to suit my mood. I wonder what that says about my mood this morning?


  1. I like chocolate...must have it now and then...simply a must. Does that make me an addict? I couldn't say, I suppose :o)

  2. Do you remember the chocolate tart that I made for pudding? I still cannot face chocolate and I am greatly surprised that you can! My stomach still remembers!!!!!

  3. It is because you ate the chocolate for breakfast, Dear GB! Good Heaven's! If it was chocolate cake for breakfast with coffee, now that's another thing entirely (THEN I would be really worried about your mood....) but the solution is simple: Oatmeal first. Chocolate candy second. (Perhaps at least after lunch, if you truly must put a time-frame on it.)
    And I will take the blame. All of the blame. Lord knows I'm an expert at that. But I ask one thing:
    I went to Napster to check out Laura Branigan. Was it the song, Gloria? Or Self Control? Or How Am I Supposed To Live Without You? Or the Lucky One? Or Ti Amo? Or Solitaire? Or Shattered Glass that sent you into this funk-of-a-mood? Because next time that happens, may I recommend, Robert Plant?! :^) Anything from the Mighty Rearranger album. But particularly, Shine It All Around, Tin Pan Alley, The Enchanter, Dancing in Heaven, or Takamba. Really. That makes it alllllll better.
    And to answer the other question as to why you went over to visit my blog:
    The chocolate was calling out to you. From Oklahoma to New Zealand. Either that or the....hmmmm, well, nevermind....

  4. Spesh: Never will I forget that chocolate tart. It was probably the richest desert I've ever tasted. How can something be so good that it's actually too good?

  5. Cynthia: All the LB except Shattered Glass but my first encounter years ago was Gloria. I'm off to investigate Robert Plant.

  6. Robert Plant with Alison Krauss would be my recommendation. Raising Sand is the name of the album. Fabulous.

  7. Thanks Marcel. The Cottage is now vibrating to Raising Sand. The odd thing is that I was just ordering it from Amazon when I decided I'd better check the iPod's 13518 tracks and 58 Gb of music. I don't remember it nor transferring the disc which I presumably have in Scotland 'cos I have virtually nothing on the iPod that I don't have on disc. Strange.

    Thanks Cynthia 'cos it just suits my mood again this morning - it's been a funny day and it's only a few hours old.