Monday, 6 April 2009

The Ahh Factor

My friend Pat insists that sheep are cute. It's one of the very few things about which we do not agree. Leastways I think it is. There may be other things but they are not important whereas thinking sheep are cute is hugely important. Yea right. Anyway I thought that instead of sheep I'd show our calves (or calfs). They are now in Wendy and Martin's paddock next to The Cottage and are a source of some longing looks from the Highland bulls in the next paddock.


  1. So, are you suggesting calves are cute?

    Isn't it about time you gave in and agreed with Pat about sheep (doesn't matter if you think are right - Pat is a girl - she cannot be wrong).

  2. Oh...well, I never...hahaha (that comment was for Sriptor :o>)

    Now, as for the sheep; of course, must know that I would think they are cute too. However, I do understand where you would think that they are not. There are times when their bad manners could cause them to be "not so cute" and rather annoying; but isn't that true to all creatures, even us?

    Very nice cattle, by the way.

    I was looking through a children's atlas last night and found New Zealand...such a tiny, far away place. It's a place that I know I'd love to be, from your photos and seeing it so far from the rest of the world. Yup - sounds almost Heavenly :o)


  3. Sorry Scriptor. Sorry Heather. This is a matter of principle. Lambs are cute. Sheep are not cute. I will defer to a female on almost any matter except the cuteness of sheep.

  4. I'm with Geeb on that - the sheep part anyway. Calves are cute and I love the smell of a cow's breath - redolent of countryside, or is that the other end? Strange? Moi?

  5. Jimbo? Who is Jimbo? 'twas I Marcel what put that comment on. Has my identity been stolen? Have I stolen Jimbo's identity? Do I wantto be Jimbo? Does Jimbo want to be me? Maybe we could do a deal.

    Was that a goat in your previous blog? Now goats are cute.

  6. This should be me now. I'll test it just in case.

  7. Phew, that was close. I thought I'd gone into multiple personalities. I have enough problem with one, without acquiring another.

  8. I know that I shall never change your mind about sheep being cute but they certainly looked cute to me when they were in your garden amongst the daffodils yesterday!!

    I didn't look so cute chasing them off though.

    I didn't realise that sheep were such good jumpers.............

    Seriously, no harm came to the garden so play the glad game - at least they have cut the grass for you.

    Looking forward to seeing you back home - it has been a very long time.....

  9. I agree with you GB lambs are cute, sheep are slightly weird - almost prehistoric shaped heads and the way they stare!
    but calves are v v v cute - there are lots on the farm just now where i live and they are very sweet with their big eyes and slightly unsure legs!