Saturday, 25 April 2009

According to Plan?

What do you think? It's now 2310 and I suspect that the day is far from over.

Have I packed up or packed my case? I could try and think of a long answer but the short one is 'No'. Have I had a Good Day? The answer is definitely 'Yes'.

I spent the morning attempting to sort out the contents of The Cottage. Well perhaps that's not the most successful achievement today.

Went to croquet. Zoe, fresh from her success at the Te Mata Doubles Tournament, decided that we were to play a singles. She wanted to part with one final win against me under her belt. Despite our respective differences on paper I would not put more than even money on me winning in a levels game (well perhaps I'd give myself a 55:45 chance). Zoe decided on handicap. Unfortunately for her I couldn't do a thing wrong and played one of the best games of my life to win on the 13th hoop 7:6. It may be the very last game I ever win against that young lady and I shall mark it up. I am glad that, when I return, I will be playing with her and not against her. I shall miss my croquet friends. It would be hard to find a lovelier group of people with whom to play.

This evening we went out to a Thai Restaurant. We had a lovely meal and the children were excellent company (ie they behaved impeccably). The photos will have to wait because I took the camera up to The House when we returned and went in the spa and took in the wonders of the sky. Martin saw one shooting star. I'm hoping Martin has taken the camera in 'cos last I saw it was on the table outside. Fortunately it's my compact and not my principal camera.

It's nearly midnight. Am I going to make a start on the remainder of the sorting of the packing away? No. I'm going to bed. Wotthehellarchiewotthehell.

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  1. hahahaha - like that last note :o)

    You sound perfectly ready...well, atleast in spirit anyway. Just don't forget your most important things to bring home with you.

    I am a procrastinator - knowing that everything will come together when I get to it (yet, not without a bit of frenzy in those moments)...but that's how I'm made, I suppose.

    Praying for wonderful travelings, safe ups and downs of the plane, beautiful sights to see and good rest in the making :o).

    Love to you, my treasured friend.