Thursday, 9 April 2009

Multi-tasking: My Environment

When I'm working on my blog or emails or doing anything in the study then, if it's the evening, I will watch the news or, if it's later, perhaps a programme on TV. I have the desk set up in the study so that I can watch the TV across the other side of the living room from my chair at the same time as I work on the computer.


  1. GB, you may chuckle when I tell you that my television is directly at the same angle from me while I sit at my computer...and at about the same distance; probably not for long though, I'm feeling a need for change.

    Ooooooh...I just noticed that winde glass on your desk :o)

    I was admiring the natural wood cabinet, love that color. My Papa was an "at home carpenter". He had a wood shop in his basement, all of the tools and large amounts of woods...everything he'd need on any given day to create something. We have blanket chests, bureau drawers, desks, jewelry boxes, name it and he probably made it. I might have to blog about this in the near future...

    thanks for sharing :o)

  2. Ah why does it not surprise me that our TVs are at the same position? Why does it not surprise me that you are contemplating change? Once I have something as I like it I rarely change it. But until that moment it may be changed continually.

    The wine! Ah yes. It was after dark so coffee gives way to wine.

    Looking forward to a blog on your Papa's works.