Friday, 29 March 2013

Keeping Up


Not only am I away in Northland but the cottage in which we are staying in Houhora has no cellphone signal and therefore, for me, no Internet - it is truly cut off. I am writing this on Tuesday evening in the hope that I will be able to post it when I get a cellphone signal in the morning.

I flew from Napier at 0800 this morning and arrived in Whangarei at 1115 and since then we have driven up the East coast via stops in Kawakawa and Taopa until we arrived just before 1800 hrs at almost the last rentable accommodation before the Northern tip of New Zealand.

Houhora appears to be about as and peaceful a place as one could wish for for a holiday break.


No success in posting today. We went over to the West coast (about 10 ks at this part of New Zealand) and I actually walked on the legendary Ninety Mile Beach. 

I'll be posting on the experiences of the day after I have got back home to The Cottage but that won't be until late on Saturday night


No luck. No signal.


Arrived this evening at Pauline's and have a phone signal which enables me to communicate with the Internet and with you my friends. I am here in the Outer Waiotira. We've had a brilliant few days exploring.

Tomorrow night I shall be back home and on Sunday I shall be back on line with lots and lots of things to post about.


  1. Waiting patiently...glad you're well.

  2. Don't fret - much as we love reading your posts, I am sure we all understand that you need to get away every now and then :-) By the way, the links in your post (if they were intended to be links) do not work for me.

  3. Happy Easter to you. You are having a great tour. Now I will have to get out my map.

  4. Safe journey. Wave to me when you fly over Tauranga.

  5. PS I see you are so jolly organised as to have the links all ready for the posts. One day, I too, will be thus. Maybe.

  6. Thanks everyone. Actually Meike and Katherine I did that on my iPad in a text program and I couldn't get rid of the desire Apple has of creating links for dates. I tried to remove them when I posted the text using the iPad but couldn't. One problem was that I did it using the iPhone as a hotspot for the iPad and it was too slow and bandwidth hungry for the bad signal I had.