Thursday, 22 March 2012

Thankful Thursday

The rain stopped today and the sun came out and it has, in fact, been a very warm day.  It presented an opportunity to get some washing done.  

It also meant that the ground could start drying out and the orchardists could get back to work picking the apples.

Meanwhile the Tutaekuri River not far away from here where the children used to swim has peaked and started subsiding.  People often wonder how it is that these huge wide river beds which are all over New Zealand and of which there are a fair number locally are so wide when they usually have a tiny river wending its way somewhere along the bed.  So the Tutaekuri at the bridge in Pukatapu usually looks like this:

Whereas the last few days it has looked like this:

The people of Northland in particular are used to flooding as you can see from a recent post by Pauline at The Paddock.

It looks from the forecast as though we might have good weather for the Croquet Tournament which starts on Saturday at our Club.   That will be good.

So today I am just very thankful for some nice weather.  Pleasures don't come much more simple than that.


  1. Simple pleasures are surely the best! Enjoy, GB, and I hope it stays good for the tournament.

  2. Glad the forecast is looking good! Hope it stays that way, and no flooding! Have fun!

  3. I love the Hawkes Bay rivers. I always think of them as the 'Big Three' (TukiTuki, Ngaruroro, Tutaekuri) although I should include the Esk as well, really.
    We used to swim a lot when we were young and it was very interesting to see how the rivers chose different places to go over their beds, even if mostly it was only relevant if it was a hot day, and when you turned up, having biked all the way with togs and picnic lunch, to find the river was WAY over the other side of the stones and you had a long hot walk before your swim.