Friday, 24 February 2012

A Journey to Northland

Yesterday I left on the 1255 flight from Napire to Auckland to connect with the flight to Whangerei.  That was the idea.  It was a hot and reasonably good day in Napier with gale-force Northelies.  The plane was late.  On board we were told the flight time would take longer than normal (but the eta would still give me 10 minutes to catch the connection).  We landed 10 minutes after my onward flight should have left.  Luck was on my side and that, too, was running late.  So I arrived in Whangerie only about 50 minutes late despite being held over the airport whilst a severe squall went through.

The Northland break looked doomed to be spent in wetness as promised by the weather forecasts as we drove West:

Soon the skies grew slightly less heavy:

And as evening came we arrived at our temporary accommodation in Kohukohu overlooking the Hokianga Harbour.  The view from the deck was, well I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions:

This morning, though, the forecast rains didn't materialise and we woke to:

I was delighted because although we could still have done out pilgrimage around the churches of the South-West of Northland the photography would not have been the same in the the murk of a rainy day.  I like the sun!


  1. Very beautiful! I may have mentioned it before, but I do have a thing for wide open spaces, and the view you have from the deck certainly qualifies, no matter the weather (although I prefer sunshine, too).

  2. Oh I'm glad for you. You had me all in suspension there for a while... ;)

  3. The view is great! While every weather has its charm, for photography sunny is the best :) Love the pictures. Cheers, Ruby

  4. What a difference the sunshine makes. You are missing summer here - we've had two days of glorious warm sunshine!

  5. Lovely. A wonderful sense of peace and calm...even the rainy images!