Sunday, 3 April 2011

Rain or No Rain: That Is The Difference

When I came up to Northland last summer the ground was parched after serious drought conditions.  This year I have noticed a huge difference.   Northland may have been bracing itself for a drought before Christmas but since then the rains have come and these photos show the comparisons (taken at the same place) between then and today.  Mind you the biggest difference is the fact that when I took today's photos it was pouring down!  The photos were taken in the Waiotira from the Pikawahini Road.


  1. This is very very impressive. Not so much the views but the fact you can remember where you were a year ago. Had I achieved this, then finding the images after twelve months would have defeated me.

  2. It really looks like a different landscape. The trees and bushes suddenly look more "at home" somehow.

  3. What a difference, gorgeous green :)

  4. Spectacular lushness! I'm relieved for the people and animals in that area.
    To find the same place a year later?
    I'd be able to find the photo, but the exact place again? Doubtful.
    Top job, GB!