Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Beaches, Beautiful Beaches.

I seem to have spent a great deal of time on beaches over the last few weeks.  I love beaches.  I love beach walks with friends even more.  There have been a lot of those. I've already posted some of the experiences on the Mahia Peninsula and the surrounding area and last weekend I was in Northland near Whangarei and explored some other beaches.

But first a revisit:

Blacks Beach,  Hawkes Bay on way to Mahia Peninsula
Looking South from the same spot.  It looks rough but this was quite a calm day.
I was puzzl;ed by this Black-backed Gull on Mahanga Beach.  He always seemed to be there at the same spot every time I went there.
Wheel Shell / Kota with Hermit Crab from Mahanga Beach
Wheel Shell / Kota with Hermit Crab on Mahanga Beach

We shared Ruakaka Beach with lots of birds and shells and a few humans:

Two very friendly ladies out riding
Pat, can you show this to Briagha - those breakers were almost as tall as I am.
"Me.  In there?  You must be joking!"
And at Langs Beach at Waipu there was a lovely spot with the tide coming through:

Langs Beach, Waipu
Langs Beach, Waipu
 And that's all for now!


  1. You have excelled yourself with this set. Beaches and parties are a forte of yours.
    Love the Hermit Crab.
    Does the Gull move? It may be a stuffed one.

  2. I do miss Northland beaches.... many happy hours at Whangarei heads, Ruakaka.... Matapouri, Tutakaka.
    There are nice ones down here - its just the wind drives me mad lol

  3. Wow! Wow! Wow! I feel refreshed just looking at these!
    What a beautiful place!

  4. How envious I feel sometimes at all the beauty of the beaches you've experienced and photographed. Shame, shame on me. I am happy that you share them! There that's better.
    Adrian's comment made me chuckle! :D

  5. I'd love a walk along the beach, but as for going in I'd probably have the same look as that second dog - those waves in some of the pictures look really powerful... Wonderful photos, Graham!

  6. Briagha would say - "Huh! - You have got to be joking. You threw the ball in that lot, so if you want it back, then you go get it!"

    Having been very poorly of late, I don't think she would have even paddled on the edge. Thankfully, she is now getting back to her old self again.

  7. Oh dear, sweet, I long for such a place!! Absolutely gorgeous photos, Graham :)