Thursday, 6 January 2011

Thankful Thursday

One thing I'm not so thankful for is that Thursdays keep coming around so fast.  That's not implying that I don't want to write these posts (if I didn't, I wouldn't!) but the fact that life is passing so quickly.  
Nor am I thankful for the fact that a friend of 45 years or more who has cancer has not received good news this week.

Anyway this week I am particularly thankful for the re-emergence of certain people in my life.  Circumstances largely, possibly, of my making and in my mind had meant that I hadn't been in touch for a long time.  Pat read out a message in one of the Christmas cards which had been sent to Eagleton.  It said that it would be nice if the writer could hear my voice again.  So for the New Year I rang him and then I rang his Mum.  He is  one of my God-children (or was 'cos he's long since ceased to be a child) and his Mum and Dad were two of my closest friends many many years ago.  As an aside they lived in Penny Lane (the one made famous in the Beatles song of that name).


  1. The time difference had my head spinning there for a moment again... Still only Wednesday here as I read this! But I too feel time rushing on very fast this week. It must be a speedy year we've just entered.

    Friendships renewed seems like a good start to a new year though!

  2. You may never know what the sound of your voice did for your friend.
    Sometimes I feel like I need one of those clocks that have the days of the week on it instead of numbers!

  3. I agree..............Thursdays seem to appear from nowhere at the moment.

    What a great thing to do. No time like the present. I recently did something similar. But it also involved some forgiveness on my part, me deciding life was too short for grudges or hard feelings.
    There are a few people in my life who I'd love to talk to again. Seize the day....maybe??

  4. Thursday? Really? I had to check the date on the computer, then check what day of the week it is.

    I'm thankful I've had such a long break from work that I don't know what day it is!

    Sorry about the bad news about your friend but happy you re-connected with an old friend.

  5. Happy Thursday, GB. Sorry about your friend's bad report - here's wishing him well. Life does seem to pick up pace year by year, doesn't it? The older we get the faster time flies. All we can do is try to enjoy the ride.

  6. Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes - there beneath the blue suburban skies I sit and meanwhile back .....
    I haven't been back to scouseland for more years than I care to remember but it's still in my blood and apparently my voice when I get excited or stressed about something !!!! ((((hugs )))) from Wiltshire - my adopted county