Tuesday, 18 January 2011

A Day I'll Remember

Today is nearly over.  In fact by the time I finish this it will be but it will be posted today anyway.

Today Carol's and my son and Gaz's brother, Andy, would have celebrated his 38th birthday.  But he died in June 2006 on my birthday.  He had lived for 33 years and just over 4 months.   Inspired by the memory of Andrew his very close friend, Bruce, is undertaking a long and not inconsiderable 313 mile sea kayak journey in March from Largs on the west coast of Scotland to Stornoway in the Outer Hebrides where Andy was brought up.  His Blog is West Coast Kayak Challenge.

Today, RAC,  a friend of 45 years woke to consider his future after being told yesterday that there was likely to be no more than three months of it. 

Today, Sarah, otherwise known as L'Archiduchesse from Les Chaussettes de L'Archiduchesse who has been 'missing' for 6 months or more and about whom I had blogged my concerns has turned up safe and well and in, of all places, Dunedin, having arrived there on 12th January to study.  Her new blog is Year of Two Summers.

For those reasons and for others I shall not mention, today is not a day that I'll forget.


  1. As we Yorkshire folk say keep your pecker up. Amazing how one misses people. More amazing to me is how bloggers miss bloggers. I'll have to think about that one. Maybe I'll leave the thinking to people that have the equipment.

  2. A lot to think about at your place today.
    313 miles in a kayak...in March? Yikes! What would the temperature be at that time of year out in the ocean???

  3. That's a lot of mixed memories and news for one day! ♥

  4. Graham, I am SO touched by Andrew's friend! My goodness, how hearing that blessed me today. I also didn't completely realize how VERY CLOSE to one another we are in age, in just 67 days, I would have been born :)

  5. I have only just read this post. My thoughts are with you!!! This week is enormous for me. I need other things to think about...so sending bloggy love and kindness your way