Thursday, 11 November 2010

The Cottage

Lisa (aka Shabby Girl) wondered in a comment on my post Settling In at the beginning of the month after I arrived back in New Zealand what The Cottage looked like.  I hadn't shown you this year so I'm now rectifying that and doing a bit of comparison.  

The Cottage arrived on site in October 2007.  Is it really that recent?  I seem to have lived here for years.  

The the landscaping started in November:  The Landscaping Begins.

By 2008 the transformation was amazing and I posted The Homestead.

Last year I posted  I've Arrived: What Now?

This year the lavender in front of The Cottage has grown and been cut back but some bushes have been lost and even though I replaced them last year they have refused to grow in that spot.  I'll have to think about that one.


  1. Love all the great big windows & sliders on the front! I can see why friends and family come down in the evening to sit on your porch and have a glass of wine! Purple and green is a great combination. Happy colors. :)
    Thanks for sharing!
    I had a spot in my backyard in AZ that nothing would live in. I tried a lot of different plants in that spot, with no luck. Weird, isn't it? My last try was a day lily which loved that spot.

  2. What a beautiful transformation! Love the lavender. I didn't realize how tiny the cottage was. Graham, what a wonderful setting this is. I'm dreaming of New Zealand again ♥

  3. It looks very nice and I can imagine it must feel more like coming home with every year. The lavender seems to have been a good choice!