Monday, 1 November 2010

Settling In

It's Monday morning and I've just about turned The Cottage back into My Cottage.  Everything is out of The Cupboard and back where it belongs whilst I am in residence.  Perhaps I should get a little flag made to signify when I am in residence: the Geeb Standard.  After all if HRH can do it....

I am re-united with my clock (which has a tick loud enough to be heard anywhere in The Cottage!) and my reminders of friends - my NZ 'Family' and A Friend in Vermont.

My first night here was rather strange.  I was in bed at 2030 and fast asleep as my head hit the pillow.  Apart from a terrible attack of cramp in both legs (reminder to buy some Crampeze today) I slept until 0235.  Oh no.  Then I realised I'd had my statutory 6 hours!  I was so wide awake that I was writing emails and blog postings in my head so I got an A4 pad and went back to bead and filled three pages.  Then I fell back into a solid sleep and woke just before 0800.  Yippee.  There I was bright as a button (and a pretty bright one at that) ready for the day.   The fact that it was still raining seemed irrelevant.

We all went out to The Gin Trap in Ahuriri for brunch to celebrate David's 14th birthday.  I can't believe it!  Fourteen!!

Catriona and David had Bacon Buns 

The rest of the day was spent sorting The Cottage until Wendy and then Martin wandered down after dinner for a wee glass of the red stuff.

Life in New Zealand - nothing changes.


  1. love it...
    how civilised and sociable, even idyllic.

  2. Apart from the cramp it sounds like pretty good beginning! :)

    WV is 'odelat' which is Swedish for 'undivided'.

  3. Gee, I wouldn't mind that brunch!
    Glad you are getting your nest sorted!

  4. Glad you landed and are settled in. I was just about to think of breakfast.
    Put me off has that bacon buttie.
    I'll have another coffee whilst I try to put the image of a revolting colonial repast to the back of my mind.
    It is a good photograph.......unfortunately!

  5. OH, the bacon and pancakes look fantastic! I have the six hour thing most nights as well. Ah well.
    Would love to see pics of the cottage!